Vertafore performed an AMS360 software upgrade and not one of  the client systems would function properly. The problem was seen on physical PCs located in the main office. None of the View desktops (multi-user Virtual Desktop environments) used by remote users had the issue that was seen in the main office. The vender said it was a permissions issue, but after trial and error it was determined the problem was not a permissions issue. By comparing the affected systems with the View desktops that worked properly after the upgrade,  we found that for some reason the information in the Local folder in the users profile was not getting the updated settings. To resolve the problem CoNetrix performed a reboot; logged in as the administrator and removed the users profile. Then uninstalled and reinstalled the AMS workstation client, followed by logging  the user back in, which reloaded their roaming profile and rebuild the Local and Local Low profile folders. When we would login to AMS as the user, the system check would run as it should and add the updated DLLs and information to the users Local profile folder. After these steps were completed, each user’s AMS worked as it should. However, the process also required repair of each user’s Zixmail and Zywave installations due to rebuilding the Local and Local Low folders.

All the repairs were completed without elevating the user’s rights.

Also as stated above, none of the multi-user Virtual Desktop environment systems had this problem.  After the Internet Explorer 9 upgrade, each of the View systems were recomposed which removes the user’s profile and rebuilds the user’s Local and Local Low folders on first login.