Cybersecurity Monitoring and Compliance

Cybersecurity Monitoring and Compliance services by CoNetrix Technology provide organizations 24x7 cybersecurity threat detection and compliance reporting without the capital investment and maintenance of an in-house security information and event management (SIEM) solution.

Increase your cybersecurity resilience with a comprehensive SIEM and SOC service. Our SIEM-as-a-Service platform provides a 24x7x365 solution for alerts across the network and management by our Security Operations Center (SOC). Get full-featured cybersecurity monitoring, alerting, and reporting to satisfy your business, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity liability insurance requirements.

24x7 Monitoring and Management

Our SIEM solution is fully hosted, redundant, and managed directly by CoNetrix Technology. This platform collects and consolidates events across your entire network, allowing us to monitor all of your critical devices, including firewalls, IDS/IPS, servers, network devices, and endpoints for typically less than what you would pay another MSSP for comparable services.

Security analysts in our Security Operations Center (SOC) provide regular reviews and human oversight to find hidden threats and trends that a fully automated system can’t detect on its own.

When cybersecurity threats are detected, your team receives instant notification so you can make quick decisions for your organization.

Streamlined Reporting and Compliance Support

The advanced automation available with today's technology allows us to monitor every critical device in your environment for less than what you would pay another MSSP to manage and monitor a single firewall. And the daily SOC reviews, along with purpose-built reports, are specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements for cybersecurity monitoring with PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, and other compliance mandates.

IT Support and Remediation

CoNetrix Technology provides cost-effective coverage for the entire IT environment, remediation guidance, incident investigation, and compliance assistance. Proactive defense and rapid remediation are available with 15-minute SLA for high severity incidents.

Service Features

Included features and services:

  • 24x7x365 automated SOC monitoring and alert escalation
  • Continuous review of the SIEM platform to ensure proper operation and event prioritization
  • SOC engineer support available for all escalated events
  • Integrated global threat database from multiple threat feeds
  • Over 2,200 predefined and standards-based reports
  • Configuration change management
  • Searchable event and alert database for forensic investigation
  • Integration with CrowdStrike endpoint protection, with complete EDR and threat hunting capabilities

Optional features:

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