Audit Management Services

How do you respond to findings after an exam? Boost consultants can help you implement an audit tracking process to help your financial institution evaluate findings and manage responses to audits, exams, and any other form of internal or external testing.

The audit tracking program centralizes responses and follow-up testing and provides up-to-the-minute reports so that the status of responses and issue resolution can be easily monitored and communicated to the Board, management, auditors, and examiners.

For financial institutions who perform their own internal audits, Boost consultants can also help you design and implement an audit management process for creating and conducting audits.

Our consultants are equipped to help your financial institution create an effective audit tracking and response process. We provide the knowledge, background, and training to complement your financial institution's existing resources.

Boost AM—Audit Management services

Boost Consulting provides structure and guidance for tracking your institution's responses to audits and exams, as well as assisting with timely reporting to your Board, committees, and other management.

Boost Audit Standard—Annual engagement

Your Boost consultant will help develop a framework for prioritizing and tracking findings from any audit or exam. This engagement requires a subscription to Tandem Audit Management Standard. This service includes:

  • Track audit findings and report to the Board
  • Assistance with reporting on exam findings
  • Individualized audit management processes with a flexible consulting approach
  • Jump-start on audit management process by importing existing audit/exam/other reports
  • Assistance with constructing responses in such a way as to best address examiner concerns
  • Assistance with understanding IT audit, exam, and penetration test findings and possible responses

Boost + Tandem

This engagement requires a subscription to Tandem Audit Management Standard.

Tandem software provides an easy-to-use tool for managing your audit findings.

Benefits include:

  • Dashboard overview
  • Unified collaboration through a single repository for all audits and exams
  • Flexible and extensive reporting

As a part of Boost Consulting, we will provide training and assistance with using the software.

Tandem Audit Management is used by CoNetrix Security auditors and penetration testers to perform over 400 security engagements per year.

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