Voice & Collaboration for Business

We implement all-in-one, cloud-based communication solutions for small and midsize businesses that provides next-generation voice, messaging, and meeting capabilities to keep employees productive wherever they're working.

We support and implement solutions such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams so your employees can message, meet, or call anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Work from phone, PC, or mobile

Voice calling

Keep your existing business numbers, and get unlimited local and long-distance calling without expensive telephone lines.


Unlimited instant messaging lets you prepare and share content together with teams. Create 1:1 or multi-user chat sessions for quick ad-hoc collaboration.


Schedule and conduct online meetings using an app on your computer or mobile device. Connect teams and meet with customers easily without expensive hardware and software. Every meeting can have audio, web, and video conferencing capabilities.

Video Conferencing

Get high-quality video conferencing using your smartphone, computer, or in an integrated conference room system. Enable efficient communication with mobile or remote employees and break distance barriers for customers.

Additional Features

Network integration—Our collaboration solutions integrate with existing Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange setups.

Searchable message content—Messaging works with all types of content, not just text. Collaborate with your teams by sharing images, audio, and other file types. Messaging content is searchable to help locate key discussions later.

Data encryption—Our solutions encrypt voice traffic, messages, and other data before sending them to the cloud.

Easy device pairing and control—Initiate, answer or transfer calls between the collaboration application and your desktop phone or video unit.

Cloud registered devices—Enter a simple activation code or use Active Directory and the device is registered and ready to use—in a matter of minutes.

Why CoNetrix?

CoNetrix brings together best of breed technology to deliver innovative technology services for any size business, including those in highly-regulated industries.

Knowledge and expertise

  • The CoNetrix staff has more than 100 years of combined network and security experience.
  • CoNetrix engineers hold numerous certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, and others.
  • CoNetrix maintains partnerships with leading technology vendors, such as Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Symantec, Citrix, VMware, and NetApp.

Professional level service for your business

  • CoNetrix routinely designs, implements, and manages high security IT environments, and addresses the IT security challenges facing your business.
  • CoNetrix products and services are based on individual business requirements. CoNetrix services are not "one size fits all".

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