Multi Factor Authentication

Simple passwords are easily cracked which can allow unauthorized access to the network. For systems with highly sensitive data, or for controlling remote access to the network, CoNetrix Technology recommends multi factor authentication to ensure that only authorized personnel have access. Multi factor authentication provides additional security by requiring a password in combination with a token or passcode.

Service Features

Included features and services:

  • Cloud-based authentication for improved availability
  • Easy enrollment and management through a web portal
  • Supported tokens:
    • Push authentication or passcode using a smart phone app (iOS and Android)
    • Automated SMS or voice response passcode to preapproved numbers
    • Hardware tokens from supported vendors like YubiKey
  • Supported multi factor applications:
    • Remote access through Cisco AnyConnect, Citrix NetScaler, FortiGate, Palo Alto, and Windows Remote Desktop Gateway
    • Desktop protection for Windows 7 or later, Windows Remote Desktop, Linux, and macOS
    • Most SAML enabled applications

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