Managed Network Security Services

Today there are more IT security threats than ever. Application access from the Internet, sensitive data on the network and employee Internet activity are all potentially vulnerable. Ignoring these threats bring significant risks to the business – data loss, unavailable resources, reputation and customer confidence, and regulatory penalties.

The best approach to IT security involves multiple layers that work together to provide broad protection for the IT environment. Implementing just one or two layers only provides partial protection from the latest security threats.

Why Network Threat Protection as a Service?

Managing IT security can be a full-time job, which can take IT staff away from projects and support which directly benefit the business. Typical IT security management tasks include:

  • Managing security software, firmware, and updates
  • Monitoring security devices, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • Managing security reports and alerts
  • Responding to possible incidents, customizing rules and alerts to reduce false positives

What are the advantages of implementing Network Threat Protection?

  • Reduced support requirements from IT personnel
  • No capital expenditures for security hardware and software. These expenditures are replaced with a monthly fee for security services.
  • Network Threat Protection manages configurations across many customers which is more efficient
  • Overall IT security is improved by bundling several layers for a lower cost than implementing separate solutions
  • An external security service will grow with your network without additional costs for hardware and software upgrades

About CoNetrix Technology Network Threat Protection

CoNetrix Network Threat Protection is a Managed Security Service (MSS) solution for all the security layers of a business IT environment. These layers can be implemented individually, but are designed to be implemented together to provide full protection at a reasonable monthly cost.

Network Threat Protection Layers:

Endpoint Protection

The desktop is one of the most vulnerable areas in every business network. CoNetrix Network Threat Protection provides the most advanced and complete desktop and server security solutions available today. These best-of-breed solutions provide complete coverage for all of the endpoints on your network.

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Email Protection

Email “phishing” is a common attack vector for trojans and malware to infect the network. CoNetrix Email Protection filters all malicious inbound and outbound mail as well as inbound spam. Options are available to implement Data Loss Prevention, Email Encryption, and Email Archiving to provide additional protection of valuable business data.

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Internet Content Filtering

Internet access is a necessity for all businesses, but it introduces significant security risks by employees visiting sites containing malicious software or other inappropriate content.

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Dual Factor Authentication

Simple passwords are easily cracked which can allow unauthorized access to the network. For systems with highly sensitive data or allowing remote access to the network, CoNetrix recommends dual factor authentication to ensure that only authorized personnel have access. Dual factor authentication provides additional security by requiring a password in combination with a token or passcode.

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Firewall Monitoring and Management

Is your firewall being managed and updated as new vulnerabilities are published? Who is reviewing your firewall logs so you are notified if someone is trying to gain access to your network? CoNetrix Network Threat Protection can maintain your firewall and monitor the logs 24x7.

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Intrusion Detection and Prevention

An effective IDS/IPS solution is a valuable tool to detect and stop potential network attacks internally and from the Internet. CoNetrix Network Threat Protection can do both while providing 24x7 monitoring of all alerts. CoNetrix Technology engineers will inspect all alerts and notify you if additional action is required.

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Security Logging and Reporting

CoNetrix Network Threat Protection provides full-featured logging and reporting to address business and regulatory requirements. The next generation CoNetrix logging platform correlates data from several sources, acting as the “glue” for these services and providing a single point of administration and management for alerts across the network.

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Why CoNetrix?

  • We have a comprehensive understanding of information technology, security, and regulatory issues due to our long-term relationships with businesses and financial institutions.
  • CoNetrix designs, implements, and manages secure IT environments. We know the security challenges facing your business.
  • CoNetrix Technology has over 20 years’ experience with supporting and maintaining secure IT environments.

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