Internet Exposure and Vulnerability Assessment (IEVA)

IEVA scans are designed to complement an External Pen Test by giving you a quick "snapshot" of the exposed IP addresses and ports/services as well as any vulnerabilities identified in the vulnerability scan.

IEVA reports are automated vulnerability scans and do not include manual engineer review/inspection.

Benefits of an IEVA

Know at a glance which IP addresses, ports, or services are exposed to potential attackers.

Easily validate changes to your Internet perimeter are effective.

Get an affordable option for periodic testing between full penetration tests.

Readable Reports

The IEVA report is designed to distill the information from the vulnerability scan to highlight significant changes and to identify quick actionable items.

Major differences between an IEVA and External Pen Test

Feature IEVA Pen Test
Vulnerability scan by IP address
Mapping of Internet Exposure
Custom risk-based report
Multiple commercial and open-source tools
Manual engineer review and validation
Exploitation based on discovered vulnerabilities
Vulnerability testing by DNS name for web virtual hosts
Post-exploitation for in-depth context of compromised system(s)
Testing of vendor and/or cloud hosted systems/services
Legend:   Included   Add-on

For more information about how to choose the right pen test, please check out our comprehensive guide for choosing penetration tests.

Custom Engagements

CoNetrix Security recognizes each company varies in size and complexity. Our pen testing options are designed to be modified to fit your needs. Additional pen testing services include: External Pen Testing and Social Engineering Testing.

Don't see what you need? Ask your account manager about packaging options to get the right testing engagement, frequency, and coverage for your company.

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