Audit Management Software

CoNetrix Tandem Audit Management software is designed to help financial institutions (e.g., banks, savings associations, credit unions, mortgage companies, trust companies, etc.) manage, track, respond to, report, and conduct any type of audit or exam.

The Tandem Audit Management software features multiple versions.

  • Audit Standard allows full access to the finding and response manager for entering and tracking the status of responses for any type of audit or exam, including recommendations, responsibilities, and due dates.
    * A complimentary version of this product, Audit Lite, is provided with every CoNetrix audit (limited to tracking CoNetrix security engagements).
  • Audit Pro builds upon the finding and response manager of Audit Standard and allows full access to the audit manager tool which gives the ability to create and conduct audits, including work programs and work papers.


The CoNetrix Tandem Audit Management software is feature-rich, including:

Standard Pro
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Enterprise-wide audit management of work programs, reporting, and responses
Design custom work programs of any size
Conduct audits using pre-built work programs
Manage and store work papers
Create and distribute audit questionnaires
Automate the generation of audit reports and supporting documents
Access previous audit reports for trend reporting and follow-up verification
Manage audit and exam responses on any topic regardless of who conducted it (internal, external, regulatory, etc.)
Manage CoNetrix audit/penetration test responses
Enter and track the status of responses
Bulk import findings from audits or exams
Set access roles for audits and/or findings, including read-only access
Assign target dates and log completion dates
Create multiple notes for individual audit findings
Interactive dashboards and reports show trends in audits and audit findings
Download documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, and/or Adobe PDF formats
Send email reminders
Integrated with other CoNetrix online software
Anywhere/anytime Internet access through a secure, online portal
Multi-factor authentication (optional)
Single Sign On (SSO) integration using SAML 2.0
Multi-user access
No software installation or equipment costs

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