Incident Management Services

Boost Consulting can help you develop an incident response plan for your financial institution. Our security and compliance experts will teach, guide, and equip you to run your incident response program.

Boost IM—Incident Management services

An experienced consultant will partner with you to develop a plan that fits your institution. When trouble strikes, you'll be prepared.

Our process is based on NIST's Computer Security Incident Handling Guide, the gold standard for incident management and response. We will help you customize your plan, document roles and responsibilities, develop action plans, and more.

For this annual engagement, we will:

  • Guide you through the creation of your institution's Incident Response Plan
  • Assist with orienting your team to the plan
  • Assist with conducting a walk-through test of a hypothetical incident
  • Help with documenting your organization's response to incidents throughout the engagement
  • Help adjust the plan should the need arise

Be ready for any incident. After an incident, your Boost Consultant can provide guidance in finalizing incident documentation and updating your plan as needed.

Boost + Tandem

This engagement requires a subscription to Tandem Incident Management.

Tandem software provides an easy-to-use tool for managing your incident management plan. Benefits include:

  • Incident tracking
  • Timeline
  • Intuitive software
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Unlimited users, incidents, and document storage
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • Multi-layered security

Boost Consulting will also provide training and assistance with using the software.

The Tandem Incident Management product interfaces with Tandem Business Continuity Planning, Tandem Vendor Management, and Tandem Policies, to provide seamless sharing of data and help avoid duplication of information. Ask your account representative about additional consulting services for these products.

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