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CoNetrix is built on the principles of integrity, innovation, and initiative.

CoNetrix is a full service computer networking, security and compliance firm built on the principles of integrity, innovation, and initiative. We specifically serve financial institutions as well as enterprises requiring a high level of security in their operations. Our employees are diligent in preserving the highest caliber of integrity, unassailable professional conduct, and personal conduct that is beyond reproach. Our entire business is based on trust that we will deliver on expectations, agreements, and promises.


CoNetrix Enters the BankNews 2018 Innovative Solutions Awards


CoNetrix is pleased to announce two candidates for consideration in the BankNews 2018 Innovative Solutions Awards. The 2018 Innovative Solutions Awards, sponsored by BankNews, recognize companies that have introduced or significantly enhanced products designed to help community banks become more efficient, expand their capabilities and, ultimately, better serve their customers. The Innovative Solutions Awards are presented in five categories:


How Financial Institutions Should Prepare for the Colorado Cybersecurity Regulation (HB 18-1128)


What is Colorado Cybersecurity Regulation (HB 18-1128)? On January 19, 2018, the General Assembly of the State of Colorado introduced House Bill 18-1128, Concerning Strengthening Protections for Consumer Data Privacy. The regulation was signed into law on May 29, 2018 and goes into effect on September 1, 2018.


Fighting (Alongside) The Users


Several months ago, I stumbled across a comic that was a perfect representation of the battle institutions and IT departments face every day. It was a boxing ring, with a ring announcer introducing the participants in the corners of the ring. One corner contained firewalls, encryption, antivirus software, and other layers of data security while the opposing corner contained "Dave," a hapless user wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words "Human Error." This comic is both funny, because many of us know a "Dave," and disheartening, because no matter how much money and time are spent on network layout, configuration, and security, the harsh reality is it only takes one user on the other side of the mouse, clicking on the wrong item, to wreak havoc on your network. While incidents are still going to occur, they can be reduced with routine and thorough employee security awareness training.


A More Accurate Method for Collecting Due Diligence Documents from Third Parties


How do you know what due diligence documents to gather from each of your vendors? There are many methods available, but some result in more accurate documentation than others. Today, I'm going to review two of the primary methods and discuss the effectiveness of each method. Method #1: The Bucket Method


5 Essential Information Security Best Practices as a Financial Institution ISO


Early this year the tech world was rocked with the announcement of two unprecedented vulnerabilities named Meltdown and Spectre. These two vulnerabilities are a big deal because they are hardware vulnerabilities affecting any device with a silicon chip. This includes microprocessors on workstations and servers, mobile phones, tablets, cloud services, and other platforms.


AT&T Switched Ethernet Network on Demand


One of our Technology customers recently migrated to a new AT&T WAN offering called AT&T Switched Ethernet – Network on Demand (ASE NoD). This is the most recent evolution of their metro Ethernet service with the addition of long-distance layer 2 connections.


Removable media access denied after removing restrictions


I have encountered issues on PCs that can't access CDs or flash drives that previously had removable media access restricted by either group policy or Symantec Endpoint device control. After the control restrictions were removed, trying to read from the CD or flash drive gave an "Access Denied" error.


Microsoft Appraiser Script - Windows 10 upgrade error - 0xc1900208


If you run the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant and get an error code 0xc1900208. This means there is a compatibility issue with an application and the install is being blocked! The only way to figure out what program is blocking it is to run a powershell script by Microsoft called Appraiser


New Windows Admin Center


Recently, Microsoft released a production version of a new management interface called Windows Admin Center, formerly known as Project Honolulu. The purpose of this product is to provide a centralized or locally-deployed management interface that will (eventually, hopefully) replace Server Manager. It manages servers by using Remote PowerShell or WMI over WinRM and client systems through similar methods.


Windows 10 can't click on link in Office documents


After installing each Windows 10 creator's update, I get the following error message when I try to click on any link in any email message or click on a table of contents link in a Word doc:


Local admin account can't run Edge browser in Windows 10


I was configuring a new Windows 10 PC for a customer and logged in under the local administrator account. I tried to open Edge but received a notification that Edge could not be opened by the built-in administrator account.


Review your Vendor’s SOC Report (SSAE 18) in 15 Minutes


Ideally, reviewing a SOC Report will take you 15 minutes or less (once you get the hang of it). If you are a financial institution and you have vendors, then you have plenty of SOC Reports to review every year.

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