Network Vulnerability Scanning

Regular network vulnerability scanning will help you detect issues between audits and ensure continuous compliance.

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Problems with Infrequent Testing

  • Vulnerability Risk

    New vulnerabilities are announced almost daily, so it could be several months before you know that action is needed to fix an issue.

  • Patch Management Risk

    Microsoft and third-party software vendors release patches monthly, and critical updates can be released at any time. Hopefully, your patch management process is installing these updates, but are you sure?

  • Unauthorized Software Risk

    Unauthorized software on workstations can be a challenge for every IT admin. A solution is needed to locate these applications quickly so they can be removed.

How Network Vulnerability Scanning Can Protect Your Organization

  • Adds an Additional Layer of Security

    The Network Vulnerability Scanning (NVS) service from CoNetrix Technology provides an additional layer of security by verifying servers, workstations, and network devices are operating without high-risk security vulnerabilities or missing patches.

  • Ensures Continuous Compliance

    Regular scanning ensures your business stays in continuous compliance of regulatory requirements and reduces the burden of being ready for the next audit.

Scanning Service Features

  • Credentialed scans of your internal network every month for unlimited number of devices. These scans are managed by CoNetrix engineers to ensure they are running correctly.

  • Summary and detailed reports on all devices.

  • Scan history per device showing progressive improvements over time.

  • On-premise virtual appliance to perform scans.

  • Scan results can be imported into the CoNetrix Cybersecurity Monitoring solution for event correlation and Security Operations Center (SOC) support.

  • External scans are available as an optional add-on


Pricing is based on the number of customer physical locations. Additional scanning appliances can be used for networks with more than 750 devices.

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