GLBA Compliance and ISO Consulting

Boost Consulting Services are designed to assist financial institutions (bank, savings association, credit union, or trust company) with their information security and compliance needs. Our team of professional consultants consists of qualified information security experts in the financial industry. With Boost Consulting, we provide information security knowledge and expertise along with tools that improve information security processes and controls and reduce the burden of maintaining compliance.

Boost ISO—Information Security Officer support services

CoNetrix offers ISO support services to supplement your financial institution's information security officer role with knowledge, background, training, and independence specific to the financial industry. Boost ISO services can include: incident response, exam and audit preparation, strategic planning, and security awareness training. Rather than outsourcing the entire role in a virtual ISO fashion, Boost ISO solutions are designed to complement the information security capabilities your financial institution already has.

Boost RA—Risk Assessment services

We can assist you with your information security risk management process from a product- or vendor-specific risk assessment to a comprehensive Information Security Risk Assessment, as part of an Information Security Program. CoNetrix will produce and help you maintain an annual "reasonably foreseeable" information security risk assessment as defined in and required by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Interagency Guidelines Establishing Information Security Standards.

Boost BCP—Business Continuity Planning services

CoNetrix will facilitate the development of the BCP, utilizing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), to address adverse events such as natural disasters, technological failures, human error, and terrorism. In addition, CoNetrix will assist with orientation/walkthrough and tabletop/mini-drill tests, the first two levels of BCP testing according to the FFIEC.

Boost POL—Information Security Policies services

Information Security Policies establish the foundation for a customized security plan for your financial institution. CoNetrix will partner with your institution to produce Information Security Policies, which are comprehensive and easily expandable to incorporate organizational changes.

Boost VM—Vendor Management

CoNetrix will assist your financial institution with its vendor management program by providing a framework to streamline the process of collecting, reviewing, and documenting pertinent information about your third-party service providers.

Boost CAT—Cybersecurity services

Using our experience implementing, auditing, and testing technology for financial institutions, CoNetrix will assist with finalizing your Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) by providing industry knowledge, expertise, and peer group analysis for each question. We will also use the results of your CAT to prepare a cybersecurity presentation in order to communicate cybersecurity information to your Board of Directors, management, or committees of the Board. This service transforms your CAT from a compliance exercise into a communication tool that provides actionable cybersecurity information.

Boost AM—Audit Management

CoNetrix will implement an audit tracking process designed to help your financial institution track issues and manage responses to audits, exams, and any other form of internal or external testing. The audit tracking program centralizes responses and follow-up testing and provides up-to-the-minute reports so that the status of responses and issue resolution can be easily monitored and communicated to the Board, management, audit committee, and examiners. For financial institutions who perform their own internal audits, CoNetrix can also help you design and implement an automated audit management process for creating and conducting audits.

Boost Consulting + Tandem Software

Boost Consulting services are streamlined using Tandem Software, with an annual license subscription. By contracting with us for any Boost Consulting service, you get access to the Tandem Software product associated with that service. CoNetrix will develop and maintain your information security program and provide full access to all your data and notifications in Tandem. Full consulting and management services are available for each of the following Tandem Software products:

Every Tandem product subscription includes:

  • Monthly Tandem training workshops
  • Knowledge Base
  • One simple license fee with free automatic updates during subscription term
  • Unlimited storage
  • Professional documents downloadable in Microsoft Word and/or Adobe PDF formats

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