Information Security Consulting Retainer Services

Boost Consulting offers information security consulting services on an annual retainer basis to supplement your financial institution's information security program manager with knowledge, background, training, and independence specific to the financial industry.

Boost Consulting solutions are designed to complement and strengthen the information security capabilities your financial institution already maintains. Our security and compliance experts will teach, guide, and equip you to administer your information security program and strengthen it over time.

Consulting Retainer Services are semimonthly consulting workshop sessions scheduled over the course of the year. This annual service is comprised of up to two 90-minute workshop sessions per month with your dedicated Boost consultant for the purpose of discussing, planning, implementing, and reviewing elements of your information security program. Topics may range from general, overarching areas as business continuity management, vendor management, guidance, and best practices to more specific concerns such as responding to audit findings, making improvements to your internal security awareness training regimen, or use of selected products in the Tandem suite of online software.

You'll have an experienced information security consultant on retainer, ready to add valuable knowledge, background, and expertise to your information security program.

Add-on Services

During your annual consulting engagement, we can help with different elements of your information security program. Please contact your account representative about adding on additional services, such as:

  • Incident response
  • Exam and audit preparation
  • Strategic planning
  • Security awareness training
  • Annual Board reporting
  • Independent external perimeter network scans

Additionally, we can develop and maintain individual elements of your information security program, such as business continuity planning, risk assessments, policies, vendor management, incident management, and cybersecurity assessments. Your account representative can help you find the solution that works best for your institution.

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