Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365), businesses of all sizes benefit from the seamless user experience between mobile and on-premise environments for digital collaboration.

While Microsoft 365 offers great flexibility, it mostly focuses on infrastructure management rather than data management. Meaning, you are responsible for your data. Without backup, you risk recovery from:

  • Accidental deletions
  • Data loss or corruption
  • Rogue apps, insider threats, and ransomware
  • Microsoft or telecommunication outages

Ensuring data protection of Microsoft 365 is imperative for security, compliance, and business continuity. In addition, long-term data retention is not available through Microsoft for cloud-hosted files and data. Lack of a Microsoft 365 backup plan is a risky data strategy.

Microsoft's responsibility in Microsoft 365 is limited to infrastructure – ensuring uptime, cloud service availability, basic retention, and physical and logical infrastructure security.

With enterprise-grade backup for Microsoft 365 from AspireRecovery, your business can have confidence to recover from security breaches, compliance exposure, and data loss, while providing long-term retention to meet your business requirements.

AspireRecovery provides a simple, secure offsite backup and recovery solution to ensure your data is safe and recoverable. You get peace of mind, regulatory compliance, and industry-leading data protection.

AspireRecovery features include:

  • Data Encryption: Data is encrypted in transit and at rest in the Aspire cloud with no VPN needed for backups.
  • Long-term Data Retention: Data retention is based on storage used. Default configuration is three recovery points.
  • Monitoring: Backup jobs are managed and monitored daily to ensure proper operation.
  • Easy Setup: Cloud backups can be configured in 3 easy steps.
  • Simple Storage Pricing: Tier-based pricing with no additional fees for bandwidth or VMs.

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