Consulting Workshop for Tandem Software

Get started in your new Tandem subscription with one-on-one consulting. Involve your team and have your most pressing questions answered.

Each Boost Consulting Workshop for Tandem helps you become familiar with a single Tandem product, but it's more than simple training. An experienced consultant will walk you through best practices and show you how data related to your information security program elements can be stored and processed within the software.

Boost Consulting Workshops are available for the following Tandem products:

Personalized Training

For any new software application, there is a learning curve. A Boost Consulting Workshop helps flatten the curve by providing personalized training for you and your team. By dedicating a small amount of time in the beginning, you can get familiar with Tandem quickly!

Short-term Engagement

Each Boost Consulting Workshop consists of two 90-minute training sessions for one Tandem product. The teleconference sessions allow for unlimited attendance so you and your team can benefit from participating in the sessions together.

Quick Wins in Tandem

Your Boost Consultant will demonstrate practical use of Tandem by showing you how to import or translate a sampling of your existing information security program elements into Tandem. Using your data, your Boost Consultant will show how your program can be developed and maintained, and what it looks like in its exported document form for presentation to your Board or examiners.

Set up your Team for Success

Our passion is to help our customers be successful in establishing an information security program. We style our one-on-one workshop service to be driven by our clients' needs.

  • Free-form discussion of best practices
  • Commonly-encountered practical use cases
  • Adaptation to the client's information security program

We make sure you have a chance to get your most pressing questions addressed and provide documentation containing a summary of the topics discussed with recommended action steps for further development of your information security program.

Our goal is to help you make the best use of your time as you get started in Tandem.

Receive an Outside Perspective

A Boost Consulting Workshop provides a low-cost, short-term consulting resource for you and your team. More in-depth consulting services are always available should the need arise.

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