Working on an ISA server the other day I had to change the LAN IP addresses.  I was RDP’d into the server from the internal network when I made the change and applied it.  I waited a few seconds and tried to reconnect to the server (by name).  DNS has updated properly with the correct IP address, and I could ping the address, but I couldn’t RDP back to the server.  The server was virtual, so I used VI to connect to the server console.  I didn’t see any issues, but rebooted the server to be sure.  When the server came up, I still couldn’t RDP.  I checked the Terminal Services service and it was not running.  I tried to start it, but it failed.  I checked the event log and it mentioned something about the service binding.  I ran the Terminal Services Configuration console, checked the Properties of the RDP-Tcp object.  On the Network Adapter tab, the “All network adapters configured with this protocol” was selected (which is the default, but wasn’t working).  I manually selected the LAN NIC and hit Apply, and RDP started working again. [more]