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We all think of Microsoft Excel as a fantastic tool for data manipulation and calculation, but few of us have experienced it as an artist palette.  A Japanese man has taken up the challenge, and has created masterpieces using the graphics capabilities of Excel.  You can see and read about his work at this url:



I recently got very annoyed that I couldn’t open 2 instances of Excel.  After a little bit of research, I found out if you open up Excel and go to File -> Options -> Advanced, scroll down to the bottom, and underneath the General section check the “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange” option.  Here is a screen shot of the setting:


A local computer consulting client started getting this error every time she tried to close Word or Excel:

The instruction at “0x01003ce4” referenced memory at “0x00000018”.  The memory could not be “read”.  Click on OK to terminate.  Click Cancel to debug the program.

I did a quick search and only saw errors about Office Live Sign in and thought that couldn't be it.  I went on site to remove and reinstall Office.  I first reproduced the error and saw that the message box had "OfficeLiveSignIn.exe - Application Error." in the heading.  The user was using the Office Live messenger instant messaging client.  It had installed an addon to Word and Excel.  Disabling this addon fixed the problem.


In Microsoft Office 2007, you can adjust the size of the menu "ribbon" (term used by Microsoft) at the top of Word, Excel, etc. by changing the font size of the "Menu" item under your Display properties.  Reducing the font size reduces not only the size of the font, but the size of the ribbon icons as well which give you more real estate when working in Office 2007 apps.  To get there, right-click on your Desktop -> Properties -> Appearance tab -> Advanced button -> choose "Menu" in the "Item" pull-down box -> change the "Size" pull-down box next to the Font name.  Note that since you are changing the general Display properties, the change will affect menus other than just Office.  [more]

For example:

A font size of 8 ...

Looks like this in Word:

 And a font size of 14 ...

Looks like this in Word (notice that for reference purposes the "This is a test" is the same font and size in both screen shots):


Writing scripts in Visual Basis for Applications (VBA) is convenient for automating tasks within Word, Excel, etc.  However, if you then want to be able to run any of those scripts as VBScript there are functions of VBA that are not supported in VBScript that you will have to modify before the script will compile.  A list of VBA functions that are not supported in VBScript can be found here.  The Control Flow functions (e.g. GoTo command) got me recently.