Blog: Excel

I've increasingly had issues getting Excel to open other Excel files if I already had one open. I noticed it happened every time I was working in one of my spreadsheets that contained macros. However after some research, I discovered that Microsoft has intentionally designed this so that if Excel thinks you are editing a cell, it will not allow you to open any other Excel files (even if they are unrelated).
Although there isn't really a true solution, if you hit enter, or simply get out of the cell as if you're editing it, or hit save, you should be able to open other files.


A network support customer was having an issue on one PC that every time he opened Excel documents with graphs generated by data from worksheets, no graph would appear. However the same Excel document opened on any other PC would work fine. If other users logged into the affected system the graphs worked. I found that defect print drivers could cause this problem, so I changed his default printer and the graphs work. Changed it back and the graphs wouldn’t work. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the default printer he was using and the problem was gone. So do not run out corrupt print drivers when troubleshooting Office 20XX problems.