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In iOS 8 Apple introduced a new Battery section to Settings that shows how applications are using battery resources. With iOS 9 this feature was improved by showing active vs. background activity. To enable this, tap on the clock symbol in the Battery area. An application that is consuming lots of battery in the background usually has a stuck process or a software bug.


Ever since upgrading my iPhone 4 to OS5, my battery doesn't seem to last as long as it used to. When I find suggestions for extending battery life, I try it, but it doesn't seem to help. I found another solution, and for some reason, this seems to have helped more so than any other suggestions.

As most iPhone users know, when you double click the home button, it brings up the most recently used apps. If you hold your finger on one of those apps to make it wiggle, they will do that "jig" that they typically do. The difference is there is a minus sign instead of an x. If you click on the minus sign and close each of these apps out, it helps to extend your battery life. MAKE SURE IT'S A MINUS AND NOT AN X, or you're going to delete your app completely from your phone rather than just from your recently used apps.


I have a ThinkPad T410s.  I was running without power the other day & was almost out of batter, so under Power Manager, I moved my power setting all the way to “High energy savings.”  This allowed my battery to last longer. However, when I went back to my desk to doc my system I could not get both of my monitors to work (only one would come up).  I checked power, tried changing cables, rebooting, etc. with no luck.  Finally, I remember I had changed my power settings… [more]

What I found out was that with the T410s there are two graphics cards, the integrated Intel GMA & a NVIDIA NVS 3100M.  Under your energy setting plans, there is an option for “Switchable Graphics.”  You can set it to either “High Performance” or “Energy Saving” for both Batter and AC.  The only plan that had “Energy Saving” selected for AC was the “High energy savings” plan I had selected.  Once I changed it to “High Performance” it switched to the better graphic card and began to allow for dual monitors…


One of my few frustrations with my new iPhone was battery life – it seemed I had to charge my phone every day.  So, I googled to see if I could find some tips on how to increase my iPhone batter life.  While searching, I found a link from Apple ( with the following tips that helped with preserving the battery life of my iPhone:

  1. I implemented the following recommendations, and it has made a difference in my battery life – I even went a little over two days without charging on one occasion…
    Disable WiFi & Bluetooth when not needed
  2. Disable unnecessary sounds (i.e. audio keyboard clicks)
  3. Enable Auto-Brightness (note: uses the camera to automatically adjust the screen’s brightness)
  4. Store the iPhone at room temperature & do not expose it to direct sunlight (exposure to heat causes damage to lithium-ion batteries due to intense ionization)
  5. Turn off location services when not needed
  6. Turn off EQ (equalizer setting for song playback)