One of my few frustrations with my new iPhone was battery life – it seemed I had to charge my phone every day.  So, I googled to see if I could find some tips on how to increase my iPhone batter life.  While searching, I found a link from Apple ( with the following tips that helped with preserving the battery life of my iPhone:

  1. I implemented the following recommendations, and it has made a difference in my battery life – I even went a little over two days without charging on one occasion…
    Disable WiFi & Bluetooth when not needed
  2. Disable unnecessary sounds (i.e. audio keyboard clicks)
  3. Enable Auto-Brightness (note: uses the camera to automatically adjust the screen’s brightness)
  4. Store the iPhone at room temperature & do not expose it to direct sunlight (exposure to heat causes damage to lithium-ion batteries due to intense ionization)
  5. Turn off location services when not needed
  6. Turn off EQ (equalizer setting for song playback)