One of out customers was not able to get to the Internet.  I was able to connect to the router, but could not ping the ISA server.  Shortly, I could get on the server, but when going through the start menu, it stopped responding and I finally got disconnected. I could no longer ping it from the router. Then in a little while it came back. I was able stay connected long enough to look at the event log and found messages that said "Remote Access Connection Manager failed to start because it could not create buffers. Restart the computer. Access is denied." I researched this and found and which both say the tape drivers need to be updated. I downloaded the driver installation file from Veritas (Symantec) and put it on a CD and went on site.  The internal LAN was working fine. I got on the server and found that I could not ping the router. I installed the Veritas (Symantec) device drivers and rebooted and that seems to have corrected it. The version of the HP tape driver was "" before and now it is "5.1."