A client recently had a problem where printing to an HP P2035 printer from the network. When the printer was pointed to installed driver, the print spooler on the print server would crash.

The cause of the problem was that the only model specific driver to date (10/21/09) for the P2035 model was a Host-based driver – also known as: Graphic Display Interface (GDI). The driver must NOT be a Host-based printer (AKA GDI or Windows-only Printer) - Host-based Printers, will not function in a Terminal Services Environment (without 3rd party printing software). The only other available driver was the HP universal driver. [more]

In the documentation I found out that the printer does support PCL5 language. However, there is not a model specific driver in this language provided by HP. The P2015 model does have a PCL 5e driver available. I downloaded that model and installed it to the printer server and test servers. I then tested printing and things seemed to function.  However, further testing revealed failure to print images from Adobe and bank specific applications while using the P2015 driver with this printer. Images would come out as black squares. Several modifications were made to the printer settings, but nothing seemed to fix this issue. The problem was not documented on HP’s support site, probably due to the fact that this is a new model of printer.