I had applied Windows updates to a customer’s Windows 2008 R2 server that had Microsoft Threat Management Gateway installed, and I could not RDP to the server after rebooting.  I connected to the server locally and could tell from netstat that the server was not listening at all on port 3389.

It turns out that there was a problem with the RDP-tcp protocol not working because it was configured to listen on all available network adapters.  This being a proxy server, it had internal and dmz network adapters.  To fix this issue, set the RDP-tcp protocol to only bind to the internal network adapter. [more]

  • Open Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration.
  • Open th/e properties of the RDP-Tcp protocol underneath Connections.
  • In the Network Adapter tab, change the setting from “All network adapters configured with this protocol” to the specified internal network adapter and hit apply.
  • On the Actions bar to the right, click Disable Connection and then Enable Connection to reset it.
  • Run netstat to confirm that the server is listening on port 3389 again.