One of our customers has a device that re-pins debit cards.  During the migration from moving users off the old Citrix farm to the new CoNetrix Citrix farm, users were having issues with this Magtec Application.   When we launched the application it would pop up a “Request Pin Timeout” error.  This meant that the application was unable to detect the Magtec IntilliPen device through the Citrix client.  We were on a very strict time schedule so a coworker began looking into the issue first as I continued to migrate users.  Four hours later after numerous tests, Magtec still wasn’t working. [more]

After we finally finished migrating all the users, (2 weeks later) my coworker tagged me to help tackle this issue of why this was not working.  After numerous tests,  I was sure that something in the intCat.ini file wasn’t set up correctly.  We could launch this application and it would connect fine on the old farm but on the new farm it would not work.  After calling Magtec support 3 times, explaining to them “I KNOW YOU HAVE SEEN THIS PROBLEM BEFORE” I finally got a technician to send me over a document that was Citrix and Terminal Server friendly.

In this document I found 2 changes that needed to be added to the intCat.ini file

a.       [Communication] add IPType="REMOTE_RS232"

b.      [Motorized_Intellicoder] change to DeviceName="MCPUM_COM2"

The communication part I believe is the most important piece as it tells the application that instead of using the local COM1 port it uses the Clients Com1 port.  After adding this in the intCat.ini file the device connects up immediately.