Initially worked with a customer to see if we could reproduce the problem in Worldox with a known "working" file.  We were able to reproduce the problem, so we started work on the user's profile.  I had the customer log off and then disabled the users roaming profile for both the NTprofile and TSprofile.  I renamed the existing user folder in Documents and Settings on Citrix2 so a new profile would get created.  After this I had the customer login to test Worldox with the "clean" profile.  Worldox worked with the clean profile, so we knew something was wrong with the user's settings. 

I looked through the registry settings and profile directory for the working and broken profiles to try to find differences.  I tried several minor file and registry changes to see if we could get Worldox to work under the original user profile.  None of the changes seemed to work.  There wasn't much related info in the registry, so I was sure the problem was file related.  It seemed especially to be something related to the document templates/addins in Word not working properly.  I tried replacing and removing the Word templates in the users Documents and Settings folder, but this didn't seem to change the behavior at all.  The templates were actually still loading, even after I removed them.  [more]

I found (in the working profile) that the addin that had the macro for inserting the DocID was named  When I would open Word in the broken profile, that particular addin was the only one of about 8 missing!  This certainly seemed to be the problem, but I couldn't figure out why that addin wasn't loading while all others were.  After some digging I noticed the addins were being loaded from the users home folder on H:\ rather than the Documents and Settings folder.  I tried to update the addins in this folder, but Word still wouldn't load the addin.  I decided to change the path to the addins back to the standard location in Documents and Settings and when I did this Word loaded the addin properly.  I then tested Worldox and it worked too.  So, it seems there is something in the addin that is keeping it from being run from a network location (can only be run locally?).