Microsoft Office Picture Manager (and iPhoto on the Mac) has a feature which helps organize digital photos.  In order to organize photos it is most helpful to be able to rename them, but renaming them is tedious if you have many photos.

If you are running Windows and have Microsoft Office 2007 installed the Picture Manager should be under All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools -> Microsoft Office Picture Manager.  In Microsoft Office Picture Manager all you have to do to easily rename photos is open a folder of photos, select more than one, right click on one of the selected photos and choose Rename.  A work panel will open which allows you to enter a name which will be applied to all the selected photos as well as options for defining sequential numbering. [more]

For us in the CoNetrix Information Security group, we have many site photos to store after an audit. This renaming feature allows us to organize the images by branch name (fcblfxx) with the application filling in the “xx.”  Quick and easy.   For personal photos naming will probably involve using a description of an event like “2010Christmasxx” or “10thBirthdayxx.”