We had a problem with a new Xerox ColorQube printer that was not allowing users to use the hole punching or stapling features (something that they had been promised by Xerox would work). When printing a job they would click on the printing preferences and then try to choose either hole punch or staple and they were both grayed out. When I was logged onto my account the option was not grayed out. This at first lead me to believe that the problem was a rights issue but it turns out it was not. I noticed that when I logged on with my account onto another terminal server that the options were grayed out for me as well. This lead me to compare settings within the printing preferences on my two profiles. [more]

I finally found through this that the problem was within the paper size choice. If the paper size setting was set to mixed output you were not allowed to choose to use the hole punching or stapling features (they were grayed out). When the size was specified such as legal or letter size the options would then become available.  It makes sense why the stapling and hole punching options were disabled with that paper size, but the user interface was less than intuitive.