I have a few notes to share on DFS in Windows 2008 R2. First of all, Microsoft changed the way DFS replication is done starting in Windows 2003 R2. In previous versions, DFS replication for SYSVOL shares on domain controllers as well as DFS replications was handled by FRS (File Replication Service). Starting in Windows 2003 R2, the service was overhauled along with the management interface. Replication for DFS is now handled by DFS Replication Service and the two (DFSR and FRS) don’t play ball with one another. That is to say that you can’t use pre-windows 2003 R2 servers in the same DFS replication topologies with post-windows 2003 R2 servers. However, SYSVOL in all versions continues to use FRS until all domain controllers are Windows 2008. Additionally, once you have your DFS tree in place and get your replication topology set up, you’re not done. Make sure to edit the file exclusions list for the replication group. By default, a new replication group EXCLUDES files with the ~ (to start the file), .tmp, and .bak files. The ~ makes sense, but .tmp and .bak could be  a problem depending on the type of data in the share.