I needed to extend a component HD video connection between rooms and wanted to find a solution that would do this over Cat5e/6 UTP.  The solution I found (http://www.tripplite.com/en/products/model.cfm?txtSeriesID=977&txtModelID=4597) referred to something that I hadn't heard of before, low-skew or zero-skew UTP.  After more research I found the following:

Common CAT 5e/6 cable can have internal twisted pairs that vary greatly in length, which is good for eliminating cross-talk in Ethernet use, but causes image distortion in video over UTP applications. A difference in length in one twisted pair will produce a noticeable misalignment of the primary colors displayed.

The extenders are rated up to 300ft and it's working fine for my 60ft run of Cat5e.  The cost of the zero-skew cable is about double that of Cat5e, but I didn't test what it classifies as on a Fluke.