We were trying to update Symantec Mail Security (SMS) for SMTP from v4.0 to v4.1 and the upgrade routine seemed to hang during the ‘Java Liveupdate’ portion.  Server hard-drive activity was heavy at that point and Task Mgr showed the upgrade ‘running’, but we did not seem to be making progress.  We installed a Java-runtime update and found a Symantec Java-liveupdate hotfix, but we ran out of time and had to leave the server @ v4.0  We went back on site Monday ready to uninstall Java Liveupdate, but the add/remove routine behaved similarly – heavy drive paging and the routine showed running, but no progress was occurring (waited 15 minutes).  I found a symantec procedure to manually remove Java Liveupdate and was going thru that, deleting folders, when I came upon ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Java Liveupdate’  Before deleting it, I looked inside – it had 1 folder called ‘downloads’, which contained approx 21,000 pattern update folders going back to 2004.  I deleted all these subfolders, which took about 25 minutes.  After that completed, I re-ran the v4.1 upgrade, which ran thru with no problems.  Whether it was the upgrade routine or Jave Liveupdate uninstall, the server was obviously trying to process all these subfolders and choking on them (might have eventually completed if given long enough).  So, when working with Java Liveupdate, it is probably a good idea to look for this downloads folder first and clear it out.