A customer who has switch completely to PDF format for document storage, has a need to access Tagged Image File Format (TIFF/TIF) documents from prior years. They recently ungraded all their systems to Windows 7 with Office 2007. Previously they used Office 2007 which installed the Microsoft Document Imaging program by default. The default install of Office 2007 sets the Microsoft Document Imaging program to install and run on first use. However, the first use is to access an MDI format file and have installation permission. They do not have installation permission and never access MDI files. Because it is not installed users are unable to reorder, rotate and print individual pages of a TIFF/TIF document. This means in order to print page 20 of a 65 page document you must print all the pages.

To resolve this issue, install the Microsoft Office Document Imaging program. To do this, follow these steps: [more]

  1. Click Start, click Run, type “appwiz.cpl’, and then click OK.
  2. In the Currently installed programs list, click the 2007 Office version that you have installed.
  3. Click Change.
  4. Click Add or Remove features, and then click Continue.
  5. Expand Office Tools.
  6. Click Microsoft Office Document Imaging, and then click Run all from My Computer.
  7. Click Continue.

You then need to change the TIFF and TIF file associations to open using Microsoft Document Imaging.

  1. Click Start, click Run, type “control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms”, and then click OK.
  2. Click Associate a file type or protocol with a program, scroll down to TIF and TIFF.
  3. Highlight TIF and Click Change program.
  4. Click Browse, and  enter “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MODI\12.0\” in the address bar then enter.
  5. Select MSPVIE.EXE and Click Open, Ok
  6. Perform steps 3-5 for TIFF
  7. Click Close.

You can then reorder, rotate and print individual pages of TIFF/TIF documents.