I received a new hard drive recently and was going to use ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery to restore my current system to the new drive.  During this process I discovered that Rescue and Recovery requires that you restore a backup from the same location where the backups were made. [more] I have my backups configured to go to an external HD (using eSata with PCMCIA card).  The external hard drive is labeled “2nd Hard Drive” in R&R.  When I got the new drive in, I ran a full backup (3-4 hours), then swapped hard drives.  I was able to boot into the R&R environment, but didn’t have drivers for my PCMCIA card so I couldn’t restore using eSata.  My external HD also has connections to allow it to be used as a USB drive.  I was able to boot into R&R off of the external HD over USB, but no backups were showing up on the “USB Drive” (or any other backup locations).  I was afraid R&R was saving the backup location as part of the backup and just couldn’t see my “2nd Hard Drive” backups on a USB drive.  I swapped physical disks again, did another full backup over USB (8-10 hours), swapped disks again, and was able to boot and restore my “USB backup”.  This is just something to consider when your choosing a location to store your Rescue and Recovery backups.