I had been working with a customer to move all their file shares to a new server and implement Distributed File System (DFS). All looked to be working as it should, except one user’s My Documents was still pointing to the old file share. It was also taking approximately 7-8 minutes to login. I ran the Group Policy Results wizard against the terminal server she was accessing and her user account. I verified that group policy was applying to her account but it was failing to apply folder redirection. I made sure no other users were having the same issue. [more]

I started reviewing the Group policy events and found the error causing the problem redirecting her userdocs. I opened the path that was shown in the error message and found a Word document named  "A Hot Site is defined as a fully operational offsite data processing facility equipped with both hardware and system software to be used in the event of a disaster or for disaster rec.doc".  I was able to copy the file to another location and remove it from the path. I then attempt to connect as the user, the login process completed quickly and the My Documents redirection was working as should. I renamed the file and placed it back in the users My Documents.