Blog: UAC

I recently ran into a problem with Windows 7 UAC where we had a VBS file that was calling the application SETACL.  In order for SETACL to run properly, it must be “Run as Administrator”.  I could set the option in SETACL to “Run as Administrator” in the applications properties, but when the script called the application, UAC would not prompt the user to elevate privileges.

I wanted to see about right clicking the VBS file to select the “Run as Administrator” option, but Windows does not include that option in the context menu by default.

In order to add the option, you can add it to the registry.  Copy the following into a .reg file and then merge the file into the registry: [more]


After merging the key, I was able to select “Run as Administrator” when right clicking the VBS file and the call to SETACL also ran correctly. It's a good idea bo backup your registry before making manual changes.


Bomgar allows us to work on our customer’s desktop if they have an Internet connection. A small applet is installed on their desktop when the session is started and de-installed at the conclusion of the support session. However, with UAC on Windows 7 and Vista, it is frequently a frustration for us to work at the administrator level on their computer. There is a little icon at the top of the screen presented after the connection is established that will alleviate this issue. The following uTube video describes how to instantiate this feature: [more]