Blog: Resource is a new site that describes itself as "a collaboratively edited question and answer site for system administrators and IT professionals."  It's free and no registration is required.  The site is kind of like a cross between Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, and Digg.  Anyone can ask questions on the site.  Other users can vote questions up or down and that affects how visible the question is on the site.  As users answer questions, those answers can be voted up or down and marked as "the answer".  All questions and answers can also be edited like a Wiki.  What you end up with when you run accros the site from google is usually the question your looking for and right below it the best answer to the problem.  Unlike forums where the best answer is the last post in the thread or burried in the middle.  Plus if the something changed and a once correct answer is no longer valid then the correct answer can be edited to be made correct again.  The site was basically built because the developers hated the spamy nature of Experts Exchange and how it always ranked high in Google for their own questions they searched for.  You can read the FAQ ( or the About page ( for more details. [more]

I've been using Server Fault's sister site for a while now while and have found it really useful.  It's URL is and it's geared toward software developers.  It started up late last year and already has over 190,000 questions.  Server Fault has been up for less time and only has around 6,000 questions, but it has the potential to take off like Stack Overflow.


We came across several weeks ago.  It appeared to be a growing site designed to provide a platform to share knowledge and resources with the banking community.  I began corresponding with Aiden Michaels (the founder and lead developer for to find out a little more about Bankwide - below is a response I received from Aiden: [more]

" is designed to help facilitate discussion between bankers, vendors, consultants and regulators.  Its primary goal is to provide an unbiased solution base for common banking problems through ”community intelligence".  It allows for organic growth and collaboration for anyone involved in the 'ever-changing' financial services industry.  Companies such as CoNetrix can benefit by reaching out and helping bankers and credit union personnel, and conversely bankers are exposed to services and solutions that they might not find otherwise.  We see it as a win-win situation.

With the explosion of social networking on today's internet, Bankwide felt that this type of collaboration was not only possible; it was needed in today's market.  I have always considered the fact that banks share strategic information as an anomaly.  HP doesn't share information with IBM!  Non competing banks however, will gladly open their door to another bank, talk about problems, strategies and more.

Bankwide aims to create this same atmosphere virtually.  Imagine thousands of bankers sharing thousands of ideas, documents, solutions and more.  With our soon to be released - "Bankwide Solutions" we will be able to focus efforts onto specific needs such as penetration testing, remote capture, equity building...the list is virtually unlimited. 

We have also decided to keep our membership free.  Our advertisers make all of this possible, they agree to burden the cost rather than pass it to bankers who are just looking for help.  We are also currently offering a "grandfathering" period for people that sign up for the site before June 1st.  Anyone who signs up, will be a permanent member of our community.  Membership after June 1st may require that you annually have to update your information.

Finally - we are extremely proud of our new "Bankwide Experts".  Bankwide has invited several people, including your own Russ Horn, to become community experts.  These people have not only demonstrated advanced knowledge in their areas of expertise such as bank technology or compliance, but an outgoing nature and a willingness to share their knowledge.  The days of soloing expertise has been replaced with the ability to share knowledge for the greater good."

We wish Aiden and the best of luck!  If you would like to find out more about what has to offer you, visit their website at