An issue has been identified in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) which causes Security Content newer than 12/31/2009 11:59 PM to be considered older than content previous to that date/time. As a temporary workaround, Symantec is currently not incrementing the date on Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Security Content and instead is only incrementing the revision number of the content. A message from Symantec provides this more detailed explanation: "As of early Sunday, January 3, 2010, the Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus definition version "12/31/2009 rev. 114" has been published. Rev 114 includes all the latest definitions through Jan-2-2010."

As of today, January 5, 2010, CoNetrix definitions are showing a revision number of 116. The revision number should continue to increase as evidence of ongoing updates. [more]

This issue has been identified in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) and effects the following products:

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.x Product Line
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition v12.x Product Line
  • Products which rely on Symantec Endpoint Protection for definition updates (e.g. Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange or Symantec Mail Security for Domino)

There are no required customer actions for this issue. More specifically, there are no changes an administrator needs to apply in order for the above mitigation to be successful.

For more information, see the following Symantec Knowledge Base article: