A user was converted from a workgroup to a hosted domain containing a domain controller and a terminal server. They use the terminal server primarily for an application. After setting up the user on the domain, the user complained that the font on her screen was very small when using the application through RemoteApp on the terminal server. I found a registry key that you can change to change the DPI of the font, but this only changed some menus. The main window was still very small, and her application ran very slow. I could log in as myself and the application seemed to run fine. What I finally found was that her screen resolution was set to a non-standard size of about 1500x1600, and the terminal server gets it’s resolution from the client PC. I set the screen size to 1024x768 and the application started running much faster, so I suppose it just had trouble resizing the pages to fit the odd screen size. She had also set the font on her computer to 150%, so the font size on her computer was much bigger than the terminal server. After setting her screen resolution to a normal size and setting the font back to 100%, the application is running quickly and the font is large enough for her to view.