After migrating Exchange to a new domain, the "Conversation History" folder in Outlook to see Skype conversation history quit syncing conversations. Follow these steps below to get conversations to show up again:

  1. Type "credential manager" in the Windows 10 Searchbox on the taskbar to select and open the Credential Manager (or alternately open it through the Control Panel)
  2. Within the Credential Manager, select Windows Credentials and click "Add a Windows credential"
  3. Add your CoNetrix domain (email) credentials:
    1. Internet or network address:
    2. User name: domain\<username>
    3. Password: <domain password>
  4. Once you enter your credentials and click "Ok".
  5. Note: it may take 20-30 minutes after you complete these steps before you see your conversations begin to show up. In addition, you may begin to get some older emails that indicate you missed conversations…