We recently migrated a customer to a new RDS server, including moving their QuickBooks application. Users began experiencing issues where QuickBooks would not retain their desired printer settings, and would revert back to the default QuickBooks settings each time the user would log back in.

I ensured the desired printer was set as the user's default printer on their local machine, as well as in their individual session on the RDS server. Still QuickBooks would revert to its default settings at each log in. Please note that users were using network shared printers as their defaults.

To resolve this issue, I had to install the desired printers locally (not as a network shared printer) on the RDS server. I did so by adding the printer by IP instead of adding it from the print server. You can then share that printer from the RDS server so any user that logs into the RDS server has access to said printer. Once that was done, we were able to set this local printer as the default, and QuickBooks was able to retain the printer settings.