The Polycom CX600 phones currently deployed in the office are all running a special OS of the Lync Phone Edition. As will all Microsoft Products, updates are periodically released to the software to enable new functionality or fix buggy or security issues. The Lync server provides an easy way to deploy the updates out to all systems, but usually you would want to deploy it to a test device first to make sure that everything will install and function as intended. Lync also provides the ability to create a test device that can be used for updates.

  1. Open the Lync Server Control Panel
  2. Clients -> Test Device
  3. New Test Device
  4. Enter some descriptive name for the device and then type the phone’s MAC address or Serial number in the "Unique identifier" field.
  5. Wait.
  6. A lot.

Any updates that you have installed (regardless of the approval status) will now be automatically installed on your test device. Once you’ve determined the test device functions as intended, you can approve the updates for everyone. According to many sources, the update check-in happens within a minute or two after the phone goes idle and installation within 10 minutes after that. From our (impatient) testing, however, this didn’t appear to be the case. Granted, your mileage may vary and we may just be very impatient people.