Do you know where your data is? Recently I had a user who was looking to deliver a message that had been caught in her Postini Spam Quarantine 8 days prior, but when she logged in and viewed her Spam Quarantine, the message wasn’t there. She must have deleted it from her quarantine on accident. Performing my due diligence, I wanted to confirm that the message was in fact there at one time. I found her Spam Quarantine Email Summary that did indeed show the email in question in her quarantine. Out of curiosity I clicked the “Deliver” link (in the quarantine summary email ) that was next to the sought after email. Lo’ and behold, up pops the desired email in her Inbox!

A follow-up support call to Postini confirmed that Postini keeps all quarantined email in their system for two weeks, even if you delete an email from the quarantine then also “permanently delete” the email from the trash section. This retention period can be changed from 14 to 28 days, but a support call is required to make this change and once changed it cannot be reverted back to 14 days.