We had a new printer that needed to be installed on a PC at a customer site. The new printer was USB and after setting it up, all of my test jobs that I sent to the printer failed. I tested out many different drivers and even tried using a different USB printer at one point. None of these things worked. I then finally decided to remove PGP endpoint protection and the printer started working immediately. This didn’t make much sense because my account was not supposed to be blocking anything through PGP. I checked the PGP settings and found that the “everybody” group (a distribution group setup at the bank which did not include my account) was given access to these “other devices” that this USB printer fell under the category of. The group that was meant to be there was the “everyone” group to which includes CoNetrix accounts.  This wasn't an easy problem to solve due to the lack of a useful error message.  If you use PGP endpoint protection be aware that you will not get an error message if it's blocking your printer and that USB printers fall under "other devices".