I had several issues getting my PGP Desktop software to correctly talk to the PGP management server.  First, I went through the default install without any problems.  I configured my private/public keys and encrypted my disk.  I got word from Chris Brewer later, however, that I wasn’t showing up in the PGP server.  We both tried several things to get me in.  I tried importing my private key to the server, but it failed and the log was saying I wasn’t part of the managed domain.  We eventually called PGP support and got my PGP Desktop software reconfigured to use my domain credentials and register with the server.  Turns out I should have done a custom install and targeted our PGP management server… rather than the default stand-alone install.  I was now showing on the server, but I was showing to be decrypted.  My disk, however, was encrypted.  I decided to decrypt and re-encrypt now that I was talking to the server.  This was about a 24-hr process.  After re-encryption and multiple reboots… I still was showing to be “unencrypted” on the server.  The PGP support guy had mentioned the Mac client had some issues reporting properly to the management server and he had  a special build he could let us try.  Once we got it, I installed it and rebooted and everything was fixed.