I was setting up a new volume on our MSA2324fc for an Alpha system to access. The Alpha has been running on an existing volume on the MSA for about a year. I got to the point where the Alpha could see the new volume from the console, but the OpenVMS operating system could not see it.  I verified everything was set up identically on the new volume, except I noticed that the "Volume Description" field was blank on the new volume. It was set to "9" which was the logical unit number on the old volume.  [more]

I could find no way to change this in the web based UI, so I tried connecting to the MSA with telnet. The show volume command listed the volume description, but I noticed a command "set volume <NAME> ovms-uid <ID>." I tried setting that to 4, the LUN of the new volume, and that showed up in the volume description field. Then the OpenVMS operating system could see the new volume.

 I never  thought the contents of a description field woudl have mattered, but it did in the case.