is a free DNS resolution service that provides some useful added features:

  • Corrects common typos and misspellings (i.e. yahoo.cmo)
  • Allows you to create custom short cuts (i.e. you can make "mail" resolve to "mail.<yourdomain>.com")
  • Offers filtering of web sites with a few different predefined categories such as pornography, tasteless, and anonymizing
  • Manage custom whitelists and blacklists

This is a good solution for someone who wants to do basic web filtering at home or a small business. [more]

To use Opendns, create an account and define the IP address or subnet you’re using.  For home use with a dynamic IP, you’ll have to manually update your IP or install a dynamic DNS update client.  Security is in place to prevent specifying the same subnet or IP twice, or entering a subnet when you’re not currently using an IP from that network.