We recently installed a new domain controller for a customer, which involved migrating all their files and services. During the migration we needed to fixed the Barracuda Web Filter to authenticate against the new domain controller. The DC Agent was installed on the new server and it was configured as the synchronization server. This also required changing all the exceptions that apply to users and groups to authenticate through the new server. I manually changed the “Applies To” box to the new server name as shown in yellow. [more]

However some users complained that they could no longer access things they could before. I found none of the exceptions were working as listed. By manually editing the “Applies To:” line it did not recognize the change. I had to enter the group or user name exactly as it was listed in active directory and then select “Lookup”. It would then check the name against the DC Agent server and give you an option to “Add” the user or group.

Once I went through each rule and performed these steps the exceptions began working again.