My external hard drive that I back up my home computer to crashed the other day. My replacement options included buying another external HDD @ $200+ or find another way to back up my data. I have too much data to backup to DVD. There is always the SOHO RAID solutions but those are $500+. What I wanted was the “no crash, no maintenance” backup solution. [more]I found an online backup company called Mozy ( Mozy is an EMC company and for $4.95 per computer per month, you have unlimited online backups. I figured I would get my money’s worth out of that high speed connection and give it a try. As of yet, I don’t know if it is really “unlimited” but I have about 100 GB uploaded so far and still going. You can retrieve via web, locally installed client app, or by ordering a DVD collection. At that price, I can use this back up service 3 years for the price of an external HDD. It’s not as fast obviously, but my connection is idle most of the time anyway.  Plus now I have an offsite backup of my files.  So, check it out if your looking for a back up solution for your home computer.