We were receiving the following error on one of our customers Netapp SANS:
Autosupport (WEEKLY_LOG) cannot connect to url support.netapp.com/asupprod/post/1.0/postAsup through proxy (Could not find hostname '""', hostname lookup resolution error: Unknown host)

So I tried to check the auto support proxy configuration setting:
netapp> options autosupport.support.proxy
autosupport.support.proxy    ""

After many attempts to remove “” from the proxy server configuration, I finally broke down and contacted support.  The technician also tried a number of things to change the configuration and ultimately found the solution after he asked one of his colleagues.  The way to get rid of the "" is a little counter-intuitive.  You simply apply the following command: [more]
netapp> options autosupport.support.proxy ""
which yields you the following result:

Fight fire with fire, I suppose.

Also, NetApp has a pretty cool tool that shows you the progress of you SnapMirror syncs. (SAN to SAN replication)

NetApp SnapMirror Progress monitor: