Many years ago, PC makers came out with the “enhanced keyboard” and the control key got moved.  It used to be located to the left of the caps lock key, but for some reason that is still unknown, it got moved to way down below the left shift key, where you really have to cramp up your hand to reach it. The most popular solution to this is to switch the caps lock and the control keys.  I use a nice GUI program, KeyTweak  Since NT, Microsoft Windows has had a registry key that lets you remap your keyboard. This lets you remap just about every key by setting this registry key.  It is the most complete utility I could find.  It works with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7. Since this is a feature built into Windows, no kernel mode driver, service, or anything else needs to be running. You can edit the registry yourself, but this tool makes it really easy.  It has an option to show the registry entry and what all the bytes mean.