I had a recurring issue months ago with Acronis causing my laptop to shut down during some backups (an occasional backup would succeed).  The shut downs were not blue screen crashes but rather, an abrupt shut down, with no warning, as if the power button were pressed and held down.

In the past 10 months or so, I’ve received a new laptop, and rebuilt it (to move to Windows 7 Enterprise and BitLocker), so I don’t remember if uninstalling/reinstalling Acronis, installing a new build of Acronis or one of the other changes to my laptop made the issue go away…temporarily.  Unfortunately, the issue apparently returned a few weeks ago.  I recently discovered by scheduled backups to an external hard drive had not been working for a couple of weeks.

A coworker suggested I use Windows 7 native Backup and Restore and, so far, it appears to be working well.  While not offering the granular backup configuration options Acronis offers, it allows for system image backups in addition to standard backups which provide for easy restoration of individual folders and files.  That, and, it doesn’t shut down my laptop.  :D